Volunteer allowance


Some organizations provide a volunteering fee. One organization gives a fixed amount per half-day session (volunteer allowance), while another reimburses only travel expenses or the purchase of materials (reimbursement of costs incurred), for example. Organizations are not obliged to provide volunteer compensation. Discuss with the organization where you will be volunteering whether there will be a volunteering fee, and if so, the amount of the fee.

Amount of volunteer compensation

Make sure that you do not receive more than the legally permissible amount according to the tax authorities for volunteer compensation + expense allowance.  The government has set these maximum amounts: € 190 per month, up to a maximum of € 1900 per year per volunteer. In addition, a volunteer may not receive more than € 5 per hour, and young people up to 22 years of age may not receive more than € 2.75 per hour. As long as the compensation received does not exceed these amounts, you do not have to report this to the Tax Office. Read more about this on the website of the Tax Office.

Finding volunteer work

There are many great opportunities in Amsterdam. You can commit yourself to a volunteering opportunity one afternoon a year or a few hours per week. What makes you happy? We’ll be happy to help. All options are listed online, you can easily navigate our website by using your search preferences. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment for one of our consultation hours across the city, to find out what suits your talents, your wishes as well as your agenda. To set up an appointment call us on 020-5301220 or send an email to volunteer@vca.nu.